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What makes stepparenting so fucking hard?

Will stepparenting ever feel easier? Will blended family ever feel simple? And—most importantly—WHEN?? Just how long does it take to blend a family, anyway? Welp, I've got good news and bad news....

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8 stepparenting tips I learned from Game of Thrones

Now that we know how Game of Thrones ends, looking back at the beginning brings up all kinds of obvious-in-retrospect foreshadowing. Kinda like blending a family. In hindsight, I could've taken some stepparenting tips straight from GoT, if I'd just been paying attention.

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Stepkids and double standard parenting

Do stepparents have a double standard when it comes to stepkids vs. bio kids? They do and they should, but it’s not the kind of double standard you’re thinking. Sometimes, taking a more flexible approach to parenting is ultimately the fairest answer.

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