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Can parenting less make you a better stepparent?

If you disengage from your step kid and step back from stepparenting, could you actually become a better stepmom or stepdad? YEP. Disengaging can be an act of love that gives everyone in your blended family the room they need to blend.

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You don’t have to love your stepkid to be a good stepparent

As much as we're force-fed the bullshit assumption that every good stepparent unconditionally loves their stepkids from day one, that's NOT the typical experience. Love is a bonus, not a requirement.

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Why everyone in a blended family needs to let go of "should"

Is hanging onto your idea of how your stepkids "should" act or how a stepparent "should" feel about their stepkids keeping you from enjoying your blended family as-is? Don't get so bogged down by ideas of how your blended family is supposed to be (according to... what standards exactly?) that you lose sight of the awesome family you already are.

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