How do you even date with kids?

Future stepparents: Are you depressed about stepparenting because your partner just doesn’t get it? How can you get your partner to understand the challenges of stepparenting without flipping out? Why does every conversation just end up going in circles?

Single parents: Why don’t your kids like your new girlfriend/boyfriend? Why doesn’t your new girlfriend/boyfriend like your kids? Why is your new partner always complaining about something—didn’t they know what they were getting into, dating a single parent?

Both partners: Whyyyyy is dating with kids so friggin’ complicated??

Welcome to the wonderful world of dating someone with kids

Oh hi, welcome to blended family life. It’s complicated here. You’ll love it.

A former single parent myself turned stepmom, I’ve spent years helping tons of stepparents figure out their places in their blended families. Again and again, I’ve seen that no matter how willing one partner is to do the work, a blended family cannot blend unless both partners are down in the trenches together.

I put together this ebook— Dating with Kids: 9 Things Both Partners Need to Know— to cover the 9 critical basics that can get both partners on the same page about your relationship and the kids, helping you blend your new family with less friction and stress.

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