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  • Why everyone in a blended family needs to let go of “should.”

    We all have very set notions of what our lives are supposed to look like. What careers we’re supposed to have, the types of houses we’re supposed to live in,…

  • Mother’s Day Is a Battlefield

    Is there any holiday as emotionally loaded as Mother’s Day? Not just for stepmoms (I mean, yeah, definitely for stepmoms), but also regular moms, kids of regular moms, kids of…

  • Make 2 Cakes Anyway

    “You should make 2 cakes this year,” my SD says. Every year for St. Paddy’s Day, I make corned beef and colcannon, followed up with a wine-soaked angel food cake….

  • Stepparents: Are You Overstepping?

    As stepparents, one of the things we’re most often accused of is overstepping. A lot of time, this complaint is totally unfounded. But sometimes, if we’re honest, maybe there’s a…