More Help for Stepparents & Blended Families

I keep an ever-evolving list of helpful resources for blended families, especially those in high-conflict custody situations. I only include here the ones I've read or used (and liked) myself. Any suggestions on more links I should add? Let me know!

Resources Right Here

MORE Online Resources for Stepparents & blended families

Books for Stepparents & Blended Families

Note: These are stepmom-heavy, since that's what I personally have read. Stepdads, if you have any suggestions of books that have helped you, please get in touch.

Books for Bio Parents in a High-Conflict Divorce

  • Custody Chaos, Personal Peace - A godsend for us personally—crammed with strategies, examples, and tips for dealing with shared custody with a high-conflict co-parent

Parental Alienation Resources